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In a world rocked by coronavirus, social distancing and isolation can lead to a whole lot more screen time. What effect is this having on our eye health?

It’s 4pm and you’ve been squinting at the tiny laptop screen in your poorly-lit bedroom for eight hours. A dull ache drums in your temples. You’ve forgotten to blink for a few minutes – and when you do, the eyelids scratch over your retinas like nails on a chalkboard. 

Welcome to working from home during coronavirus lockdown; a time in which daily screen time is multiplied, but screen size often severely cut down. 

For those of us working from home, the portability of laptops and smart phones, coupled with a lack of space for large office screens in the family home, means we are spending a lot more time squinting at smaller screens than optometrists might like us to. And experts say this could be doing serious damage to our long-term eye health.

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