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Many legal documents must be signed and witnessed, often by two or more persons, at the same time. Arranging for all parties to put pen to paper is not always easy, especially now in the COVID-19 work environment.

For law firms the safety and wellbeing of clients, staff, and witnesses and maintaining the efficiency of legal work are key priorities. Consequently, electronic signing and witnessing technology is an essential part of legal practice now and into the future.

COVID-19 emergency legislation enacted by all states and territories allows for remote signing and witnessing of some legal documents including affidavits, powers of attorney and wills. It is important for solicitors to be aware of their obligations under these provisions.

An electronic signature is valid if it identifies the person signing and shows their intention, the signing method is reliable, and the person receiving the signature consents to the signer using an eSignature. A digital signature, which provides stronger verification of identity, may be preferable in certain circumstances.

getU2sign is a uniquely simple breakthrough for remote signing and witnessing, using real-time, true signatures (‘digital ink’).

The signer and witnesses are invited by the lawyer, to join the signing via their mobile device. Each party reviews the document and can see the making of the signature (attestation) before witnesses make their own signatures.

getU2sign digitally captures, embeds, and encrypts to the document each person’s true signature in real-time, along with metadata verifying the time, date, device IP address and GPS location of each signee.

The system also provides for online verification of individual identity documents and video conferencing and recording of the signing session.

getU2sign eliminates scanning, copying, and mailing or emailing of documents, and the inherent security and error risks in these processes. All parties sign the original document, which has a unique document audit key, and the executed document is stored to commercial grade cloud storage in encrypted format.

A billing item and link to the signing session details, is automatically recorded to the matter records in the practice management system for end to end matter management efficiency and accurate billing records.

getU2sign assists law firms to work remotely and reduce physical interactions, whilst making sure legal work is completed efficiently and cost effectively.

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