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In the movie The Castle, what was the name of the QC who Denis Denuto instructed in the High Court to save the Kerrigan family’s home?

We’ll get to the answer in a minute. For now, the most important thing to know is that Friday night drinks are officially back. NSW Young Lawyers and The Law Society of NSW are presenting Happy Hour, a “weekly trivia extravaganza” live streamed on Friday evenings, designed to keep lawyers smiling while social distancing.

The Chaser’s Julian Morrow will host the event live on the NSW Young Lawyers Facebook and Instagram accounts, posing a series of questions every Friday from 5-6pm for eight weeks, starting on April 24.

Morrow – who previously worked as a lawyer – is a seasoned trivia master. He has delivered quizzes on ABC’s Radio National and as part of his own legal ethics course for lawyers to notch up continuing professional development (CPD) points called Ethical Pursuit. He said these experiences formed the basis for Happy Hour, and may or may not inspire some of the questions.

“I’ve long enjoyed the quiz format as a punter, going out to pubs with friends to do trivia and also presenting quiz nights over the years,” Morrow told LSJ. “It’s a convenient format for conveying a lot of information in a fun way that starts conversations, and it’s good when there’s some competition.”

People can join as individuals or teams, answering questions live from their desktop computers or mobile devices. A leaderboard will be updated each week and each weekly winner will receive a prize.

At this stage, the questions are closely-guarded secrets.

When pressed, Morrow simply states that legal biographies provide interesting information. You can do whatever you like with that information, but if you were thinking about breaking out your copy of David Marr’s biography on Sir Garfield Barwick (a former Chief Justice of Australia), now is probably the time.

Victoria Graves is the Manager of NSW Young Lawyers and Graduate Services at The Law Society of NSW. She explained it is a wellbeing initiative that doubles as a fun networking opportunity, which will help make up for the fact that many in-person events have not been able to go ahead due to social distancing guidelines.

“A lot of people were saying they were pretty sad they’d be missing out on after-work catch-ups on Fridays, so I thought this would be a good way to have a happy hour at home, that would simulate a pub quiz, but with a legal twist,” said Graves.

“There will be funny, cool trivia topics where everyone can show off their chops a bit. Everyone can be competitive in the name of fun. It’s a great way for everyone to wind down and enjoy each other’s company at the end of the week.”

The Happy Hour trivia challenge is free to join and open to everyone: Young Lawyers, members of the Law Society and anyone else looking to test their knowledge against the industry’s best and brightest.

Answer: In case you were wondering it was Lawrence Hammill, played by Charles “Bud” Tingwell.

To receive alerts about Happy Hour and join the challenge on Friday, follow NSW Young Lawyers on Facebook and Instagram. More information is available on the Facebook event.