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The first national prison newspaper in Australia will be delivered as a platform of "news and education, expression and hope."

The first edition of About Time, a monthly publication, will be published in July. The intention is that it will be sent free of charge to all incarcerated people across Australia, and available online. Subscriptions will also be available for interested readers outside prison. Articles will be written by current and former inmates.

“People incarcerated in Australia have little or no access to the internet, few news sources, and limited opportunities for self-expression. About Time seeks to provide these people with a voiceIt is a platform for news and education, expression and hope,” the organisation said in its launch statement.

“We hope to provide people in prison with an opportunity to share their stories and develop a sense of connection. We hope to act as a bridge between the prison and the outside world.”

“We will report the news, specifically focusing on issues that affect people in prison — including changes to criminal laws and the justice system, new cases that affect incarcerated people’s rights, new policies and procedures inside prisons, and other issues that affect people in prison just as they would affect people outside.”

About Time has been established as a not-for-profit and has already received support from community legal centres and human rights organisations.

The publication has drawn inspiration from a UK newspaper, Inside Time, which began in Manchester more than 30 years ago. In addition to news and legal content, the publication will also feature an arts section and advice for transitioning to life outside of prison, including financial literacy tips and recipes.

Artwork: Ike Curtis