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Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
Author: Karen M. McManus

Karen M. McManus is a well-known author of crime novels. She first became popular after releasing her first book One of Us is Lying which was published in the US by Delacorte Press in May 2017. This book followed five socially different characters that ended up in detention together, but only four walked out alive. The work received great praise for its complex storyline and surprising twists that left readers in disbelief.

After this series’ debut, McManus continued writing five standalone novels including her fourth, released in 2022, Nothing More to Tell. The novel follows the main character Brynn Gallagher’s journey through moving back to her hometown of Sturgis, being employed by a local true crime show station, and uncovering new pieces of evidence regarding the mysteriously unsolved murder of her beloved teacher (whose body was found by three of her classmates).

By the end of her journey, she discovers the importance of how jumping to conclusions and ignoring others can impact her lifestyle. Overall, this novel is a great read. The author skilfully created the plotline to keep readers (like me) guessing and I recommend it to any teenage detective or murder mystery fans who appreciate gripping young adult thrillers.

The great news for existinf fans is since the release of Nothing More to Tell, McManus has continued her writing and is delivering to her eager readers the fifth standalone book Such Charming Liars, which will be published in Australia on 6 August. It is expected her latest book will differ from other previous standalones. McManus is taking a different approach in writing this book as it seems to be written from the perspective of the “perpetrators” rather than the more common, main characters in her books, the “accused” and the “investigators”.  The excitement surrounding the announcement of this book is vast and readers are avidly anticipating the author’s next move.

To prepare for the upcoming release, I recommend reading McManus’ other standalone novels or the popular One of Us is Lying series. Other books a similar style and genre of writing include:

  • Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (series) – Holly Jackson
  • They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera
  • The Inheritance Games (series) – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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