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Coming soon to a legal centre near you: LegalBot, the artificial intelligence device able to deal swiftly with matters ranging from traffic tickets to tenancy troubles.

The chatbot will soon be on hand in Sydney legal centres to assist vulnerable clients quickly and leave staff free to help those facing more complex situations.

Marrickville Legal Centre will be the first to use the technology after they were announced as the first recipient of a NSW Government innovation grant to improve access to justice.

NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman delivered the news to Marrickville Legal Centre this week, saying the chatbot will help vulnerable people solve common legal problems with speed and ease.

Once mastered by that centre, the chatbot made available to Community Legal Centres [CLCs] across NSW.

“The chatbot will answer commonly asked legal questions online and in real time,” Speakman said.

NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman

“This innovation could revolutionise service delivery in CLCs by reducing the bottleneck of simple queries”

“It will triage enquiries so straightforward legal issues such as traffic fines or rental bond queries are addressed promptly, leaving more time for Community Legal Centre staff to personally assist clients with more complex problems.”

Speakman says the technology has the power to “revolutionise service delivery in CLCs by reducing the bottleneck of simple queries.”

Managing Principal Solicitor of the Marrickville Legal Centre Vasili Maroulis described the device as a win for the centre’s clients.

“LegalBot will reduce wait times for the hundreds of people who contact the Marrickville Legal Centre each week in need of assistance,” Maroulis said.

“It won’t replace our face-to-face services – in fact it will enable our staff to provide greater support to the people who need it most.”

Marrickville Legal Centre was awarded the $250,000 grant from a field of almost 30 applicants.