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Amanda Fung is a talented athlete who has represented her country and competed around the world, but she tells us a lot of people have never heard of her sport.

It was a sunny August day in West Chester, Ohio, when Amanda Fung helped make history in her sport. The 2015 US Open Ultimate Frisbee Championship Mixed Division Final, played between Melbourne Ellipsis and Seattle Mixtape, was broadcast on ESPN. It was fast and furious, with only one point separating the teams as they battled to claim the title. The Australian team was in good form, having demolished their competitor in the semi-final, and a late turnover created the opportunity it needed to strike.

The Australian team, with Fung on side, became the first from outside North America to win the championship.

Fung, who is a lawyer in the corporate law team at Allen & Overy, has played Ultimate Frisbee for about a decade. She started in high school, and quickly worked her way to an elite level, representing her country multiple times. The sport has taken her all over the world, from the European Ultimate Championships in Venice to the Asia-Oceanic Championships in Shanghai. She also served as captain of the Australian women’s “Stingrays” at the Under-23 World Ultimate Championships in London in 2015.

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