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Sandy Godfrey was a boutique winemaker long before he was a lawyer. He tells that crushing grapes with his kids still offers a welcome escape from the office.

Ask Sandy Godfrey to choose his favourite wine and he’ll laugh and say it’s almost like asking him to choose his favourite child. The Sydney based father-of-three, who works full-time as a lawyer, has been producing handcrafted drops under the label Godfrey Wines since 2008.

He likes them all. It depends on the style, he says over the phone. However, as his three-year-old daughter interjects and asks him to help dress her Barbie, he admits one vintage does stand out above the rest.

“The 2010, I think, was my favourite,” he says.

“We made our third vintage as an operating winery and I released our first top-end wines, all named after my children, nieces and nephews. The 2010 Edward Shiraz, which was named after my son – he was born that year – won a silver medal at the Barossa Wine Show.

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