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Director of The Law Office of Conrad Curry

What made you set up a firm in Newcastle?

I love Newcastle – the diversity and natural beauty of our beaches and mountains, and the proximity to the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens. I lived in Sydney for a number of years during my childhood and university, but always had a yearning to come home to practise law.

What is the best thing about working regionally?

I feel that in many ways regional NSW gets the rough end of the stick, particularly when it comes to health care. This is something I am motivated to change through my firm’s work in representing victims of medical negligence from regional areas.

What are the key challenges?

Attracting quality legal personnel is a challenge, with many outstanding graduates being drawn to big city firms. I must say, I have been very fortunate. I think the tide may be turning for many young lawyers who are realising the benefits of living in the country. There is a cultural difference between the way we practise in regional areas, with more of a collegiate approach to resolving litigation.

Do you have casual Friday?

Yes, we do – and Friday afternoon drinks (within reason).

What is the go-to hairstyle around the office?

Sleek and professional for the ladies. Slicked back undercut for the blokes (excepting me, which is grey and rapidly thinning).


Population: 171,307
160 km from Sydney
Median house price: Range from $705,000 for units and $1,125,000 for houses
By air: Newcastle Airport
Multiple flights daily to and from Sydney (45 minutes travel time)