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Population: 61,832
288km from Sydney
Median house price: $596,500
Closest airport: Canberra Airport
Multiple flights daily to and from Sydney
(55 mins travel time)

What do you like most about working in the country?

I grew up in country NSW, so I have a connection to regional areas. I like the sense of community and the variety of work. I feel like I can add value to regional locations because I have knowledge from working in the city and working on the coast. 

What is the biggest challenge?

Sometimes the staff might feel like they’re a little bit isolated. You have to be conscious of the fact they need to be nurtured and feel included. By the same token, it can be difficult for clients in remote locations to access services. 

What is the country dress code?

I would say it’s a bit more informal compared to the city. Solicitors still wear suits to court, though. We’re not all wearing gumboots and trackpants! 

How do the regional courts compare to those in the city?

I wouldn’t say there is a huge difference. From the Downing Centre to Queanbeyan, the types of offences are similar. The main difference is the diverse range of clients. 

Weirdest thing you’ve seen happen in court?

There’s a man who comes to court wearing a colander on his head. I’m not sure what that’s about, but maybe we should all be adopting his method. You get some quirky characters regionally but that adds to the fun of it.

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Queanbeyan Court
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Braidwood Court
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Yass Court