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Plenty of time can be lost to everyday administration tasks. Litigators lament the manual administration work they have to complete each day and the challenges they face completing basic paperwork especially in the current climate where working remotely is now the norm.

It’s not uncommon to lose time on basic administration tasks like downloading, printing, signing and scanning documents for the court system.

A recent survey of InfoTrack clients revealed19 per cent find filing court documents and managing matter updates to be a challenge in their day to day. When litigators work remotely and may not have everything at their fingertips, this can be even harder.

Infotrack’s survey uncovered feedback that “searching for updates to a current matter through the Court Portal is a manual and time-consuming task.”

To help you battle this challenge and maintain an effective work environment, InfoTrack has launched Court Sync™ – a document syncing service designed for litigators to keep their matters up to date when documents are received from the Court Portal.

Once documents, orders and judgements are submitted, clients can click the ‘Court Sync’ button from their Practice Management System and any updated documents will automatically be added back into the matter.

How does Court Sync work?

Once logged in each morning, Court Sync will automatically search for the latest updates from the Commonwealth Court Portal and integrate these directly into your matter including changes to dates, parties, or documents found within your file. Any subsequent updates can be requested in one click.

In that one click, Court Sync™ will merge the final three steps of the CommCourts filing process.

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