The shackles of modern slavery

Despite Australia’s significant recent actions towards combatting modern slavery through legislative and regulatory measures, there remains equally significant loopholes and a lack of penalties for…

By - 8 min read

Trouble at the bank of mum and dad

Gift or loan? Families can be litigious when they fall out but good practice at the outset can keep it out of court.

By - 7 min read

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What to expect in the home loan market

Here’s what lawyers need to know about the housing market this year. Read more

‘Expecting the unexpected’: NobleOak’s new eBook

NobleOak’s new eBook sheds light on how you can help protect your loved ones during unexpected times. Read more

Key trends in mortgage lending for legal professionals

In a new report, Legal Home Loans consider the lending trends among Australian legal professionals.   Read more

How Australia can successfully regulate ‘high-risk’ AI

The Australian government has responded to feedback from last year’s Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation and plans to focus on high-risk areas of…

By - 3 min read

Curbing lawyer burnout

As law firms continues to struggle with high rates of worker burnout, experts are split on whether new right to disconnect laws will provide a…

By - 7 min read

Films of the week: Civil War, Robot Dreams

Alex Garland divides opinions, and America, in a nihilistic war fantasy. And the surprise Spanish animated Robot Dreams is a charming piece that both breaks and…

By - 5 min read