Scaling mountains of prejudice in Nepal

Women represent just 10 per cent of the registered lawyers in Nepal even though they have been allowed to practise law for almost 60 years….

The art of justice

Terri Janke’s passion for protecting the rights of Indigenous artists helped her develop a thriving law career.

Fashioning diplomacy

The year ahead will be huge for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, with a controversial new US President and administration in office, ongoing conflict in Iraq…

A day in the life of… Michelle Sanson

Michelle Sanson used to be a solicitor at Blake Dawson Waldron and an academic at the University of Technology. But she threw it in to…

All that glitters is not gold

Lelien Chua shares how her love for the ocean keeps the stress of a legal career in perspective.

The atypical CEO

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Partner of Maddocks Michelle Dixon is different to the leaders of most major firms in several notable ways. Despite her…

Remembering Katrina

A year since the death of Sydney barrister Katrina Dawson, her family has been overwhelmed by support from the legal profession.

A woman of influence

Jennifer Robinson, legal adviser to Julian Assange and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, is Director of Legal Advocacy for the Bertha Foundation where…

Firmly on the up

For Gabrielle Upton, the role of Attorney-General is a privilege – and one that requires balance, accessibility and the desire to give back.

The Optimist: what’s next for Elizabeth Broderick?

Gender inequality is still alive in Australian workplaces and law firms are in the perfect place to change things, says Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick.