A ‘tail’ of woe

When considering whether rural land qualifies for the Primary Production Land tax exemption, practitioners should consider the ‘dominant’ use of the land.

The devil is in the dating: A collection of cautionary tales

Dates are tricky and it’s important for practitioners to be aware of cut-off dates. If in doubt, discuss the issue with the accountant.

CGT considerations: When a beneficiary exercises an option under the will

Where a will contains an option, practitioners should be aware of possible capital gains tax implications and advise their clients accordingly.

The danger in changing trustees

Be very careful in preparing a deed to remove or appoint an additional trustee.

Awakening the sleeping giant: FIRB obligations and testamentary gifts to foreign beneficiaries

Changes to the Foreign Investment Review regime have important implications for testamentary gifts to foreign persons and the administration of deceased estates.

Don’t pay stamp duty if you don’t have to

Always follow testamentary options strictly in accordance with the will.

Don’t get caught unaware – Murky trust traps

Can you trust a trust? Not always – there are many murky traps to catch the unaware.

What is a declaration of trust for stamp duty purposes?

NSW Court of Appeal delivers welcome clarity on the definition of a ‘declaration of trust’ for stamp duty purposes.

NSW duty and land tax surcharges to impact discretionary trusts

Trustee of a discretionary trust owning NSW residential property? What you need to do before 31 Dec to receive an exemption & refund for foreign surcharges.