What is a declaration of trust for stamp duty purposes?

NSW Court of Appeal delivers welcome clarity on the definition of a ‘declaration of trust’ for stamp duty purposes.

NSW duty and land tax surcharges to impact discretionary trusts

Trustee of a discretionary trust owning NSW residential property? What you need to do before 31 Dec to receive an exemption & refund for foreign surcharges.

High Court: June 2020

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By DAVID KELSEY-SUGG.

Paradise Lost: Glencore loses High Court bid to extend legal professional privilege

Massive data breach leads the High Court to consider novel arguments on legal professional privilege in Glencore decision. By TALITHA FISHBURN.

Strangely foreign: recent NSW duty and land tax surcharges

Determining whether a landowner is a ‘foreign person’ can be complicated, State duty and surcharge outcomes can be surprising. By KEN LORD.

Death by crocodile: not necessarily tax-free

Death is not necessarily tax-free. Always consult with clients’ accountants and financial planners when making their will. By JIM MAIN.

Accountants and lawyers: friends or adversaries?

Every transaction involving a company has potential tax issues. Landholder duty remains an issue under the Duties Act 1997 (NSW). By JIM MAIN.

Marriage breakdown: why it pays to be on the ball about taxation

CGT exempt is different from income tax exempt and all not asset transfers are exempt on a marriage breakdown. By JIM MAIN.

Costly mistakes in using deceased estates exemptions from duty

Care needs to be taken when beneficiaries to an estate propose to enter into a deed of family arrangement to prevent duty being triggered unintentionally….

Options and hidden tax stings

What applies to GST does not necessarily apply to CGT. By JIM MAIN.