Issue waiver: when is privilege lost?

In professional negligence litigation, client privilege will be waived if the cause of action calls into question the solicitor’s advice or conduct. By ROSEMARY WORKMAN.

Duty of care to prospective beneficiary under a will? Badenach v Calvert

A solicitor approached to draft a will does not always owe a duty of care to a prospective beneficiary. By ABBEY BURKE.

Professional negligence: how much will a claim really cost me?

The direct costs for a law practice of a professional negligence claim can include payment of an excess, a possible increase in professional indemnity insurance…

The most frequent error in professional negligence cases

Though it is often (wrongly) thought to be self-evident, factual causation in pure economic loss cases is often complex. It requires at least as much…

Extent of duty: how far should you go?

If doing legal work on a pro bono basis, lawyers must provide clients with the same level of knowledge and skill afforded to a paying…