Our kids need advocates

JILLIAN MITFORD-BURGESS, Special Counsel Pro Bono at Henry Davis York, recalls her time representing children in detention for the NSW Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS).

A day in the life of… Nerida Harvey

Nerida Harvey, Principal solicitor of the Law Society of NSW’s Pro Bono & Community Services, shares the ups and downs of her work.

What is best practice pro bono?

Pro bono is a small but important element in addressing unmet legal needs, and the Australian Pro Bono Centre has released a new guide to…

Ethical dilemma FAQs: December 2014

The Ethics Committee and Department of the Law Society provides guidance on ethical issues to all practitioners.

Extent of duty: how far should you go?

If doing legal work on a pro bono basis, lawyers must provide clients with the same level of knowledge and skill afforded to a paying…