The case that changed me – John Corker

Australian Pro Bono Centre chief John Corker tells how the fight for Imparja Television showed him the satisfaction of social justice law.

Scaling mountains of prejudice in Nepal

Women represent just 10 per cent of the registered lawyers in Nepal even though they have been allowed to practise law for almost 60 years….

Our kids need advocates

JILLIAN MITFORD-BURGESS, Special Counsel Pro Bono at Henry Davis York, recalls her time representing children in detention for the NSW Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS).

A day in the life of… Nerida Harvey

Nerida Harvey, Principal solicitor of the Law Society of NSW’s Pro Bono & Community Services, shares the ups and downs of her work.

What is best practice pro bono?

Pro bono is a small but important element in addressing unmet legal needs, and the Australian Pro Bono Centre has released a new guide to…

Ethical dilemma FAQs: December 2014

The Ethics Committee and Department of the Law Society provides guidance on ethical issues to all practitioners.

Extent of duty: how far should you go?

If doing legal work on a pro bono basis, lawyers must provide clients with the same level of knowledge and skill afforded to a paying…