7 ways to maximise the Millennial Effect

If we believed everything we read about Millenials, or “Gen Y”, we’d have organisations full of self-entitled, narcissistic, lazy people who have zero loyalty.

The case for diversity

Diversity is a key ingredient for successful businesses, yet Australian law firms remain culturally bland.

Insolvency & incorporated law firms: lessons from Slater & Gordon’s troubles

Rights of clients are upheld by lawyers as part of their legal and ethical obligations. The incorporation of the law firm does not displace this…

Informal communications with judges’ chambers: a professional and risk management issue

There are well established and clear protocols for communications with judges and judges’ chambers. However, breaches of protocols are not uncommon. By GREG COUSTON and…

Are you supervising as you should? Your staff & your practice depend on it

Principals and solicitors with ‘designated responsibility’ also have statutory obligations to exercise ‘reasonable supervision’ over their staff and the legal services provided by the firm….

Practising under the uniform law: your questions answered – December 2015

Incorporated legal practices and supervision of newly admitted lawyers. By GLENDA CARRY.

The successful country legal practice secrets and wisdom

Creativity and flexibility are key in retaining regional and rural legal staff for competitive advantage. By CAROLINE HART.

The risks of mixing legal and financial advice

Solicitors must be conscious of the difference between financial and legal advice and know when to advise a client of the need to obtain independent…

Ensuring ethical practice: beyond policies and procedures

To better ensure ethical legal practice, law firms need to take a number of practical, cultural and psychological steps. By MICHAEL LEGG and DR JUSTINE…