Singapore Convention 2018: reshaping alternate dispute resolution and enforcement

The Singapore Convention, if ratified by the UN General Assembly, will reshape international commercial agreements and ‘settlement agreements. By CRAIG CARTER.

The case that changed me – Kathy Merrick

What I learned from watching a master mediator in action.

Misrepresentation and ethics in mediation

Mediation involves the fundamental proposition that a lawyer must never make a representation to an opponent or mediator that is known to be untrue. By…

Family Wars

As delays increase and a Federal Government inquiry begins, we investigate the troubled state of family law.

The costs of failing to attend court-ordered mediation

There are many benefits to court-ordered mediation but the parties and mediator also have a number of obligations which are often overlooked. By ANTHONY LO…

The case for modern mediation

Contemporary mediation is a structured and highly strategic process available to be employed in almost every type of civil litigation. By THE HON. DENNIS COWDROY…

The Family Law Settlement Service

The Family Law Settlement Service (FLSS) is a joint initiative of the Family Law and Federal Circuit Courts, the Law Society of NSW and the…