Four new magistrates tip Local Court closer to gender parity

The appointment of four new magistrates tips the percentage of women magistrates in the Local Court of NSW to 49.6 per cent.

Judgment day: Why our two new High Court justices didn’t turn heads

Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the US Supreme Court made global headlines. Across the Pacific, the elevation of a new justice to Australia’s highest court…

Declining public trust threatens our judiciary: Chief Justice

Speaking to NSW lawyers, Chief Justice Tom Bathurst said it was essential to improve the public’s understanding of Australian courts and judicial powers.

Who’s judging the judges?

At the annual Opening of Law Term Dinner in Sydney on 30 January, His Honour Tom Bathurst SC ruminated on the state of judicial accountability.

Retirement age raised for NSW judges

NSW judges and magistrates will soon be able to serve on court benches for three more years than they could previously, under new laws that…

Informal communications with judges’ chambers: a professional and risk management issue

There are well established and clear protocols for communications with judges and judges’ chambers. However, breaches of protocols are not uncommon. By GREG COUSTON and…