Why in-house counsel needs to be across whistle-blower laws

Shana Schreier-Joffe, Consulting Principal at Keypoint Law, highlights what in-house counsel need to know about the new whistle-blower legislation.

DPP lawyer takes top prize at Government Solicitors Conference

Solicitor Sarah Love from the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions was awarded the 2018 John Hennessy Research Scholarship at the Government Solicitors conference in Sydney…

Insourcing – implications for in-house counsel and private practice lawyers

In-house counsel and external lawyers can benefit from greater collaboration, and clear articulation of the objective of the legal work. By MICHAEL LEGG and FELICITY…

Margarita Varigos takes on the emerald city

From skincare to pharmaceuticals, Margarita Varigos enjoys the broad exposure she gets from working in house.

Why go in-house?

In-house practices come in many shapes and sizes and the different structures are likely to suit people with different temperaments and priorities.

A matter of balance

In today’s climate of multi-million dollar defamation cases, fake news and concerns about new laws related to foreign interference and espionage, managing the Australian Press…

Three things I wish I had known… Ellen Liondis

The Chief Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, Pacific, at Mercer notes a few things that would have made becoming an in-house lawyer a bit easier.

Over the Uber rainbow

As head of Uber’s Asia Pacific legal team, Katrina Johnson is helping the high-profile company create the future.

How do I switch from private practice to an in-house legal role?

Fiona Craig suggests few things to consider when applying for an in-house role as a lawyer in private practice.