High Court soothes holiday disappointment in Moore v Scenic Tours

The keenly anticipated High Court decision in Moore v Scenic Tours Pty Ltd clarifies that mere injured feelings are not personal injury.  

An opening for the Palace Letters; No dismissal in respect of The Dismissal

The High Court opens the door in the Palace Letters saga.

Is Weissensteiner dead? High Court charts a new direction in Strbak v The Queen

What can be made of an accused’s failure to give evidence in a criminal trial? Mark Tedeschi AM QC discusses.

Understanding the High Court’s acquittal of Cardinal George Pell

An analysis of the The High Court’s verdict and its implications for the role of appellate courts in reviewing ‘unreasonable’ guilty verdicts.

Homicide and causation: The High Court decision in Swan v The Queen

Mark Tedeschi AM QC discusses the fascinating recent High Court decision that has effectively extended the law of causation in homicide cases.

Aboriginal Australians not vulnerable to deportation

A fascinating look at the High Court’s 4-3 split in the recent Aboriginal citizenship & deportation cases.

Can the High Court heal the wounds of a bad holiday?

The case that’s set to provide much needed clarity on the scope of ‘injury’, ‘personal injury damages’ and ‘non-economic loss’ in the Civil Liability Act….

High Court rules on admissibility of evidence in animal cruelty case

The High Court has ruled that some (but not all) evidence obtained at a greyhound training facility is admissible despite being obtained improperly.

High Court’s rejection of common funds shakes up class actions landscape

This article provides a short history of the common fund and analyses a recent decision which is reshaping the future of common fund class actions.

Paradise Lost: Glencore loses High Court bid to extend legal professional privilege

Massive data breach leads the High Court to consider novel arguments on legal professional privilege in Glencore decision. By TALITHA FISHBURN.