2018 NSW Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land and the ‘GST at settlement’ measure

The 2018 edition of the NSW contract for sale and purchase of land includes a process to assist practitioners in dealing withnew GST rules. By…

Options and hidden tax stings

What applies to GST does not necessarily apply to CGT. By JIM MAIN.

Tax stings and GST tales of woe

There are multiple different GST scenarios requiring separate analysis. According to Jim Main, taxpayers must be careful when using the margin scheme and the going concern exemption….

Tax sting: super fund property sale anguish

Everything related to the normal conduct of a complying superannuation fund is an enterprise for GST purposes. By JIM MAIN.

Why you must consider GST before closing a deal

Familiarity with GST  legislation and rulings is essential. There are surprises in store for the unwary. By JIM MAIN.

Stamp duty exemptions: hidden tax stings

Freedom from stamp duty does not necessarily mean freedom from tax or GST. By JIM MAIN.

One business deal, multiple contracts: GST and stamp duty stings await

Whenever there are two or more contracts covering what is essentially one business deal, be aware that section 25 of the Duties Act 1997 (NSW) may apply….

The latest from the High Court: March 2015

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By THOMAS HURLEY.

Market value and GST

A buyer has no obligation to top up for GST unless it is in the contract. By JIM MAIN.

The latest from the Federal Court: June 2014

Reporting and analysis of the most notable decisions in the Federal Court. By THOMAS HURLEY.