Family law: February 2018

Reporting and analysis of recent family law decisions. By ROBERT GLADE-WRIGHT.

Thinking outside the box: collaborative practice in family law

Is it time to think outside the box when it comes to family law? Do practitioners need to change the way they look at resolving…

Sense and sensitivity: therapeutic records in family law proceedings

Records of therapeutic interventions, such as counselling or psychiatric assessment, may be useful evidence in litigation. By CAROLYN JONES.

Arbitration in family property proceedings: exploring the potential

New arbitration rules commence at the beginning of April, creating a comprehensive framework for the resolution of property disputes under the Family Law Act. By…

A day in the life of… Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson’s office in Ultimo is a subdued and tranquil haven in which her clients discuss the most important and intimate details of their relationships. Sperm…

Law Society advocacy: August 2015

The Law Society’s Policy and Practice team brings you a wrap-up of the most important issues of the moment.

No presumptions, no assumptions: ‘just and equitable’ principles in family property disputes

Since the High Court’s seminal decision in Stanford nearly three years ago, family law jurisprudence has seen ‘just and equitable’ principles applied in various ways. By IAN…