People with disability in the legal industry: time for an attitudinal evolution

Attitude adjustment often requires an examination of internalised ableism

Working with clients with disability: improving experiences in the justice system

Insights and practical tips for working with clients with disability & engaging with the Royal Commission.

Three takeaways from the landmark NDIS ‘sex therapy’ case

Broader lessons for advocates and families from the Full Federal Court’s judgment in the NDIS ‘sex therapy’ case.

No diversity without disability

Read the success stories of three lawyers with disabilities; including a Paralympian, a fashion designer and a former Chair of a UN Committee.

PIAC pursues action against CommBank

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre is taking legal action to help people who are blind or have low vision with their banking. 

The High Court considers participation of deaf people in jury duty

The UN has recommended NSW take steps to accommodate the participation of deaf people on juries. By DAVID SPENCER, DR JEMINA NAPIER, DR SANDRA HALE…

UN committee considers participation of deaf people in jury duty

Australia has been twice found to have violated the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by refusing to reasonably accommodate participation of deaf…