The tipping point: Are vaccine passports our ticket to ride?

A ticket to freedom or a rubber-stamped restriction of our rights? As the debate rages about mandating vaccinations or incentivising those who get the jab…

Protesting a pandemic: do we have a legal right?

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Wide open spaces

The city lawyers opting for a COVID-change to the country.

Insurers feel the heat as COVID-19 test cases mount

A look at the insurance landscape as COVID-19 business interruption cases begin to mount in the courts.

The bounce back

As the world continues to grapple with the fallout from COVID-19, many of the state’s small law firms have been quietly booming.

Great expectations, deflated outcomes: the reality for law graduates during COVID-19

COVID-19 has dramatically affected the graduate experience for young lawyers, but what does it mean for their future?

Update on recent changes to insolvency law

An essential overview of the national insolvency reforms designed to tackle the economic impact of Covid-19.

Family Court’s COVID-19 priority list to continue through Christmas and beyond

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court will continue to fast-track urgent family law matters under the COVID-19 list system implemented in April.