World-first legal battle hopes to save a culture

A group of Torres Strait Islanders is filing a human rights complaint against the Australian Government. They say a lack of action on climate change…

Climate change takes centre stage in Land and Environment Court

Gloucester Resources v Minister for Planning marks the first time an Australian court has refused a development on the basis of its climate change impacts.

The mainstreaming of climate litigation

A landmark Australian judgment has shone a light on how climate change is now working its way into traditional areas of litigation around the world. 

A day in the life of… Matthew Floro

Meet the EDO NSW solicitor with carriage of the first case in Australia to accept expert evidence about the global carbon budget.

When the earth is your client

From Goondiwindi to the European Union, Dominique Doyle has dedicated her career to combating what she calls the “ticking time bomb of climate change”.

Should I stay or should I go?

Shaping international responses to climate change, disasters and displacement is a growing need, writes  UNSW Professor Jane McAdam.

Well below 2˚- Paris Agreement signals new direction in climate law

Martijn Wilder AM, head of Baker & Mackenzie’s Global Environmental Markets practice, experienced first-hand how things played out at the historic Paris Climate Change Summit….

Climate change: turning refugee law upside down

Climate change, although causing individuals to flee their country of nationality, does not by itself establish refugee status. By STEPHEN TULLY.