By the skin of their teeth

Justice Virginia Bell AC, who was sworn in as a Supreme Court judge in 1999 and as a Justice of the High Court of Australia…

Six minutes with Holly Lam

Holly Lam is President of the Women Lawyers Association of NSW and a senior associate at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers.

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Read the inspiring career story of former lawyer, company director, ABC board member, author and founder of #CelebratingWomen Kirstin Ferguson.

Pioneers and pariahs: a century of women in law

This year marks 100 years since the law was amended to allow women to practise as lawyers.

RACS offers a lifeboat to refugees at sea with changing policies

Rapidly changing and often hostile policy environments challenge RACS staff and solicitors attempting to generate certainty for asylum seekers.

Scaling mountains of prejudice in Nepal

Women represent just 10 per cent of the registered lawyers in Nepal even though they have been allowed to practise law for almost 60 years….

The state of the profession

A new report by the Law Society of NSW has revealed surprising trends in the Australian legal profession.

The art of justice

Terri Janke’s passion for protecting the rights of Indigenous artists helped her develop a thriving law career.