An international will or a will in each jurisdiction?

The international wills regime is intended to harmonise and simplify the proof of formalities of wills executed in signatory countries. By CHRISTINE SMYTH and KATERINA…

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Life tenants, remaindermen settled estates and insurance

Wills and settlements should clearly state insurance obligations. By WILLIAM V. WINDEYER.

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Duty of care to prospective beneficiary under a will? Badenach v Calvert

A solicitor approached to draft a will does not always owe a duty of care to a prospective beneficiary. By ABBEY BURKE.

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Life estates and personal rights of residence

When construing a will, attention should be given to the whole of the will to ascertain the testator’s intention. By DARRYL BROWNE.

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Executors: when duty and personal interests conflict

An examination of the key authorities demonstrates that the Court places great weight on a testator’s appointment of an executor and trustee and will not…

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Blended families: recent trends in family provision claims

The contest between the deceased’s obligations to a second wife or husband and obligations towards adult children by the first wife or husband is familiar…

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Solicitor’s liability to estate beneficiaries

Ensure your client has capacity; consider an informal will in appropriate cases. By PETER MORAN and TOBY BLYTH.

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Benjamin orders and the proof or presumption of death

The question of how to deal with missing beneficiaries continues to arise in wills and estates cases. By DARRYL BROWNE.

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Will making and hidden tax stings

Remember that transfers to beneficiaries of a will under a power of sale or testamentary option are not CGT free. By JIM MAIN.

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Wealth – don’t leave it to the children?

Family business is a large and growing part of the economy, however family business owners often fail to devote sufficient time to planning the succession…

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