What slant should the law take on ‘scandalous’ trade marks?

A recent ruling by the US Supreme Court regarding a potentially scandalous trade mark raises the issue of how such a case might be addressed…

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‘There are too many SH*TTY loopholes’

Almost one in five Australian women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime but less than one per cent of those crimes…

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Finding freedom beyond the bottle

Many lawyers will relate to Talitha Cummins’ story. The former Channel Seven newsreader graced Australian screens for 16 years, but behind the shiny façade she…

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The rise of the tracksuit economy

Lawyers were once notorious for spending long hours at their desks compared to other professionals. But a new generation is revolting against this culture of…

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High flyers: drugs and alcohol at work

Denise Cullen investigates the rise of drug and alcohol use in workplaces and the implications for disciplinary action.

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It takes a village

Former Federal Circuit Court Judge Robyn Sexton talks about the case of a country NSW family that inspired her to set up Australia’s first Indigenous…

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Old dogs learn new tricks in prison

An innovative program is saving abandoned pooches and placing them in the care of prison inmates to be rehabilitated.

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A stroke of luck

Former Justice Carolyn Simpson retired from the NSW Court of Appeal in March, with a humility and a powerful message for aspiring young lawyers.

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E-books and other digital products: why Australia’s consumer laws are lacking

If an appliance or device is faulty, the law provides a remedy. The same is true for physical books and music media – but not…

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Digital assets and law reform

The NSW Attorney-General calls upon the Law Reform Commission to assess whether a legal framework for accessing digital assets is needed.

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