A crime to call Australia home? The legalities of the India flight ban

Why an Australian passport is no longer a permanent ticket to ride to public health safety.

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Salary transparency and quotas: will they solve law’s gender inequality woes?

As the profession strives for equity and equality, two ideas provoking debate are pay transparency and quotas for leadership positions. Could these lead towards more…

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Ride or die? The gig economy workers sparking an employment law crisis

At least five food delivery riders have died on Australian roads since September. Who should take the fall for such risky working conditions and a…

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Journalism v Google

Should tech giants pay for news content? Or are news publishers attempting to tax the companies that bring them the most clicks? LSJ explores.

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Lonely at the top

At least two respected Australian judges have passed in tragic circumstances in recent years. The deaths of Victorian Magistrate Stephen Myall in March 2018, and…

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Damage control: does the corruption watchdog go too far?

Headline-grabbing and career-ending: for more than 30 years the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has claimed the scalps of some of the state’s most…

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Who will foot the bill for bungled hotel quarantine?

A Sydney law firm recently launched a class action to recover losses from the Victorian government.

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PR vs legal: who should take over in a crisis?

Who wins the eternal battle between PR and legal in crisis comms?

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We need to address the shame culture of sexual harassment

The legal profession has been calling “time’s up” on sexual harassment at work for many years; human rights barrister KATE EASTMAN SC has made a…

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