Online justice: The way of the future?

For many people across the world, it is easier to find an internet connection than a lawyer. Could online courts revolutionise justice in 2020? Or…

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A new era for education

The skills lawyers need are evolving as our world grows more technical. So legal education must also change.

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Making our targets sweat

The Hon GABRIELLE UPTON MP was NSW’s first female Attorney General and held the portfolio from 2015-17. She argues that we owe it to the…

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The right medicine

Could treating impulsivity in repeat violent offenders be part of the solution to violent crime in Australia?

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I, the awful Aboriginal

Sydney lawyer Trent Wallace often has to prove his Aboriginality. It can be frustrating and heart-breaking.

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World-first legal battle hopes to save a culture

A group of Torres Strait Islanders is filing a human rights complaint against the Australian Government. They say a lack of action on climate change…

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Is Australia next in line for an opioid class action?

The US opioid epidemic has been described as the worst drug crisis in American history. Is Australia at risk of a similar disaster?

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Year 101: What next for women in law?

It is 101 years since Australian women won the right to practise law in NSW, but barriers to gender equality remain.

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Failing the next generation

Kids in Australia feel invisible, irrelevant and worthless, a new report has found. And now the UN knows about it. 

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