High Court: February 2023

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. BY DR MICHELLE SHARPE

By - 6 min read

Alexander v Minister for Home Affairs: How we got here, and what’s next?

The High Court in Alexander v Minister for Home Affairs found that certain provisions in citizenship-stripping laws were partially invalid.

By - 11 min read

The constitutional challenge to end the COVID border closures

Expert analysis of Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge to Western Australia’s border closures in response to coronavirus.

By - 8 min read

An opening for the Palace Letters; No dismissal in respect of The Dismissal

The High Court opens the door in the Palace Letters saga.

By - 6 min read

Homicide and causation: The High Court decision in Swan v The Queen

Mark Tedeschi AM QC discusses the fascinating recent High Court decision that has effectively extended the law of causation in homicide cases.

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