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Key decisions

  • Re Prien [2019] VSC 47
  • Estate Polykarpou; Re a charity [2016] NSWSC 409
  • Russell v Attorney General of New South Wales [2019] NSWSC 98
  • University of New South Wales v Attorney General for New South Wales [2019] NSWSC 178
  • Re Marsella; Marsella v Wareham (No 2) [2019] VSC 65

Workshop on will-drafting

The dates for this year’s Blue Mountains Law Society’s Succession conference and workshop are 13 to 15 September 2019. The topic for the Friday workshop is will-drafting. The workshop will focus on practical learning and will cover topics such as taking instructions for and drafting wills, construction issues including s 41 Succession Act 2009; drafting issues with blended families (e.g. mutual wills and other options), particular types of gifts and ademption, particular types of beneficiaries and issues with assets including superannuation and assets not owned by the testator.

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