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Everyone talks about the importance of innovation. But how do you make it happen?

Judy Anderson of Melbourne-based innovation consultancy Inventium suggests creating a culture of recognition. Anderson says Harvard University research, published in Harvard’s The Leadership Quarterly, shows that personal recognition plays an important role in organisations where innovation thrives.

“When people are recognised, in public or private, the level of innovation in people’s work rises significantly,” she says.
Recognition encourages us to be intrinsically, rather than extrinsically, motivated, which is a more enduring form of motivation.
You can recognise and encourage innovation in your workplace in the following ways.

Provide a platform

Schedule regular meetings that allow people to share the efforts they are making towards innovation. Ensure these sessions include
recognition for involvement, creativity and success.

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

Don’t rely on formal, top-down innovation award programs. Create regular opportunities that encourage peer-to-peer recognition, especially for smaller things.

Give recognition when it happens

Immediately recognise when someone has attempted to be innovative – don’t put it off until a scheduled date or future event.