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The Litera Annual M&A Report analyses the past year. It was a year of two halves, with the second half rebounding after the initial uncertainty of the pandemic outbreak. Momentum has continued well into this year, despite significant change and disruption to all industries and across society.

The Report, powered by PitchBook data, concludes that the current market is very competitive due to several factors: low-interest rates, a stock market rebound, and stockpiles of private capital – all of which increases pressure, urgency, and risk levels for corporate lawyers.

There is significant pressure to get deals over the line, but dealmakers need to be mindful of the risk of overpaying.

Download your free copy today and get all the answers to these questions:

What is driving the recovery?
What can dealmakers expect during the next 12 months?
What are the priorities and motivation going forward?
What were the median deal sizes in 2020, and how do they compare with 2021?
What’s going on with valuation figures?