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Key developments

  • Funding for the Criminal Justice Support Network
  • Federal Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act
  • Review of ASIO questioning and detention powers
  • Inquiry into the Legislative Council Committee System
  • Indigenous incarceration and justice targets
  • First review of the Dust Diseases scheme
  • Improving corporate insolvency law
  • Deferred Prosecution Agreement Scheme
  • Regulation of legal costs for work capacity reviews
  • EPA Amendment (ePlanning) Regulation 2017
  • EPA Act 1979: section 149 certificate reform
  • Civil Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Bill

Funding for the Criminal Justice Support Network

The Criminal Law Committee wrote to the Attorney General regarding the funding of the Criminal Justice Support Network (‘CJSN’), a service of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service. The CJSN supports people with an intellectual disability in police stations, courts and correctional centres. Assistance is provided to complainants, defendants and witnesses.

Funding will end by June 2018, unless the Department of Justice takes over the funding from the Department of Family and Community Services’ Ageing, Disability and Home Care arm. The Committee asked the Attorney to give full consideration to providing the necessary funding to enable service to continue on an on-going basis.

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