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Key developments

  • NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into reparations for the Stolen Generations in NSW
  • Inquiry into economic development in Aboriginal communities
  • Residential Tenancies and Housing Legislation Amendment (Public Housing – Antisocial Behaviour) Bill 2015
  • Inquiry into Australia’s abolition of the death penalty
  • Inquiry into security classification and management of inmates sentenced to life imprisonment
  • Independent Review of NSW Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements
  • Workers compensation – lump sum compensation
  • Targeted Earlier Intervention Programs Sector Consultation Paper
  • Review of the Lifetime Care and Support Authority Dispute Resolution Function
  • Independent Review of the operation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013
  • Family Law Council Reference on Families with Complex Needs and the Intersection of the Family Law and Child Protection Systems

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into reparations for the Stolen Generations in NSW

The Indigenous Issues Committee made a submission to this inquiry. The submission noted that the NSW Government continues to have responsibility for the Stolen Generations in NSW, noting those child removal policies were implemented by State legislation.

The Committee’s submission focused on non-monetary reparations, including the guarantee against non-repetition of Stolen Generations and contemporary child removal policies; repatriation of members of the Stolen Generations; and access to records held by the State in order to amend, or provide additional information.

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