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Key developments

  • Inquiry into Birth Trauma
  • Improving NSW rental laws
  • Register of Foreign Ownership Guidance Note for NSW Solicitors
  • NSW Industrial Relations Taskforce Terms of Reference
  • Requirements for citation of authorities and access to authorised reports

Inquiry into Birth Trauma

The Injury Compensation Committee contributed to a submission to the Select Committee on Birth Trauma on its inquiry into birth trauma.

Our submission focused on the role and importance of ‘informed choice’ in maternity care which, from a legal perspective, closely aligns with the doctrine of informed consent. We emphasised the importance of evidence-based conversations on risk (in respect of the immediate, and ongoing, health and well-being of both the child and the mother) occurring during the antenatal period. We suggested it may be of assistance for medical colleges and bodies, in association with legal practitioners, to offer specialised training on informed consent.

Improving NSW rental laws

The Property Law, Public Law, Human Rights, Indigenous Issues, and Privacy and Data Law Committees contributed to a submission to the Department of Customer Service in relation to a wide range of potential reforms to rental laws in NSW including: the grounds for termination of a lease by a landlord, improving the protection of personal information held by real estate agents and the transfer of rental bonds between tenancies.

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