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Key developments

  • Crown Land Management Act 2016 (NSW)
  • Administrative Review Tribunal Bill
  • Inquiry into the administration of the 2023 NSW state election
  • Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Review of Secrecy Offences in Part 5.6 of the Criminal Code 1995
  • Clarifying consultation requirements for offshore petroleum and greenhouse gas storage regulatory approvals
  • Bail and Crimes Amendment Bill 2024 (NSW)
  • Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination: Introductory Strategies and Guidance for the Legal Profession
  • Exposure draft Fair Work Commission Rules 2024
  • Modern Awards Review 2023-24: Discussion Paper – Work and Care
  • Paid Agents in the Fair Work Commission
  • Industrial manslaughter
  • Terms of Reference, IPART Review of Out-of-home Care Costs and Pricing
  • Nature Positive Laws: Reforming the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)

Crown Land Management Act 2016

The Property Law, Rural Issues and Environmental Planning and Development Committees contributed to a submission to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure as part of the current statutory review of the Act. In response to the Discussion Paper, we submitted the objects of the Act remain valid and do not require updating. However, we suggested object 1(e), in relation to the participation of Aboriginal people in Crown lands use and management, has not been borne out in practice and more needs to be done, such as targeted engagement and training initiatives for Aboriginal communities.

We noted some practical issues when acting for clients seeking to purchase and convert Crown land in the Western Division of NSW, including reduced information, difficulties in contacting Crown Lands NSW staff with sufficient local knowledge and finding the relevant Gazette notice to ascertain details of the relevant Crown Lands NSW manager. We suggested considering greater digitisation of information relating to Crown land holdings.

We also supported granting all perpetual leaseholders the same rights to apply to purchase their leases and expanding the kinds of development where the Minister is deemed to have granted consent.

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