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  • The CDPP encourages all Commonwealth agencies to submit their referrals in a standardised e-brief format.
  • Members of the profession are welcome to share their feedback as the CDPP works to improve efficiencies, both internally as well as throughout the criminal justice system. 

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (‘CDPP‘) has issued a set of e-Brief Referral Guidelines with a view to encouraging all Commonwealth investigative agencies to submit their referrals in a standardised electronic format. The aim of the project, which began in 2016, has been to realise efficiencies in the CDPP’s internal legal practice, and throughout the criminal justice system. It marks a move towards a standard set of metadata being provided for each item in the brief and a standard format across all Commonwealth agencies. The e-Brief Referral Guidelines include a standardised e-brief template which has been published to the CDPP’s partner agencies. Electronic indices include appropriate metadata, taking into account the typical content of the CDPP’s partner agencies’ briefs. 

The CDPP continues to support its partner agencies with the transition away from paper briefs with the aim of serving the brief of evidence on defendants and their representatives in electronic format in most if not all federal prosecutions.

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