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Clifford Chance partner Nadia Kalic is based in Sydney and has previously worked in the Middle East. As a member of her firm’s Worldwide Projects Group she advises on major projects in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North Africa and Europe. Here she tells Melissa Coade about one of her most memorable matters – bringing energy to Bangladesh.

“Bangladesh is considered a developing economy, yet almost one third of its population of 150 million lives in extreme poverty with no access to clean energy or reliable power. 

At the same time, G20 estimates put global infrastructure requirements at AUS$133 trillion, with an identified investment gap of AU$21 trillion, between 2016 and 2040. 

These figures are startling and confronting but also present an opportunity to address the inertia in infrastructure development in key regions like the Asia Pacific.

The case for bridging the infrastructure investment gap is being played out in real time and I am fortunate to be part of a team at Clifford Chance advising clients on complex first-of-market deals in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

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