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Mitch Kowalski has held almost every legal role you can imagine, in almost every sector of the legal industry around the world. He declares he has been a lawyer for “far too many years” – as partner of a large international law firm, a sole practitioner, in-house counsel for a global company, a board director at various companies, and a university teacher at three different law schools. He has written two books on legal innovation and been named a Fastcase 50 Global Legal Innovator.

Kowalski will be delivering the keynote speech at the 2019 FLIP Conference. Kate Allman needs only six minutes with him to predict his session will be the highlight of the conference.

There’s so much marketing talk about innovation in law firms these days – what does innovation really look like?

Unfortunately, too many firms view innovation as a marketing advantage: “We’d better say AI somewhere on our website! We’d better mention innovation 50 thousand times in our material.” We’re living in a time of hype as opposed to substance. I think the proper way for firms to look at this is, “What do our clients want, and how can we deliver that in a way that is helpful, cost-effective, but still makes us money and makes the lives of our teams better?”

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