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Jane is a barrister at Level 22 Chambers practising in the areas of employment and industrial relations. She worked as a solicitor for more than 15 years, most recently as a partner at Gadens Lawyers (now Dentons).

Since 2011, Jane has been at the NSW Bar, apart from two year-long stints – as Employee Relations Manager of David Jones and as a New Wales Industrial Relations Commissioner. Jane is a Senior Fellow of Melbourne University Law School and was Adjunct Lecturer in the Masters of Labour Law and Relations at Sydney University Law School.

How rife is sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the legal sector?

The most recent industry-specific study was in 2014 – the Law Council of Australia found that 47 per cent of women in the legal profession reported gender-based discrimination. Women also reported being discriminated against on the basis of carer responsibilities at a higher rate (27 per cent compared with 11 per cent for men). Twenty-four per cent of female respondents reported sexual harassment, compared with 8 per cent for men. While these results are based on self-reporting, it’s unacceptably high.

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