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Brett McGrath is a senior associate at Marsdens Law Group in southwestern Sydney and has been President of the Macarthur Law Society since September 2014.

McGrath has celebrated plenty of wins during his four-year tenure as President, including successfully calling for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and introducing therapy dogs to Campbelltown courthouse. In his (negligible) spare time, McGrath teaches family law at the University of Western Sydney and is becoming a familiar face in local papers, advocating for improving access to justice in the Macarthur region.

What attracted you to family law?

I always wanted to be in a career where I could give back. It sounds cliched, but the law is an area where I thought, “Here is an avenue where I can help people.” I was always community-minded. I also had empathy for family law because I was about 16 when my mum and dad separated.

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