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Radford College Mock Trial team won the 36th Annual Mock Trial competition, the first ACT school to take the title in 20 years.

After nine competitive rounds involving 162 schools and 90 volunteer solicitors across NSW, the final trial between Radford College as the defence, pictured above, and St John Paul as the prosecution, took place on the last day in November at the University of Sydney Law School Moot Courtroom. 

The criminal matter detailed charges for drink driving, and tested the students’ abilities to prove each element of their case while adhering to the formal procedures of a courtroom. Runners-up St John Paul College proved their worth throughout the year and were commendable competitors on the day. Jacinta Quee, from Radford College, impressed the judges in her role as barrister for the defence and was awarded the Sydney University Best Advocacy Prize. The grand final judges, Geoffrey Shelton, Ellen McKenzie and Magistrate Elizabeth Ellis, all long-serving volunteers in the Law Society’s mock law program, applauded the two teams for reaching the grand final. 

“I continue to be involved in this program because the benefits to me massively outweigh the commitment of time and attendance at different schools,” said Children’s Court Magistrate Ellis. “The students are always enthusiastic, wanting to learn about the legal principles and the conduct of a mock trial. Each time, I receive a boost in my own commitment to working with young people.”

The first round of the 2018 Mock Trial competition begins on 26 February. Mock Law coordinator Anwen Gardner is seeking volunteers to act as magistrates, script writers and team coaches. Email [email protected] to get involved.