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Law practices in NSW are being reminded to stay alert to the threat of cyber-attacks ahead of the Easter long weekend, the legal profession’s insurer warns.

With cyber criminals increasingly active around public holidays, Lawcover is urging practitioners to implement effective defence systems and develop a response plan to ensure they are protected in the event of a cyber-attack.

Lawcover CEO Kerrie Lalich said all insured lawyers received a “cyber alert”, pointing to the organisation’s cyber security guide that is designed to help legal practices navigate potential risks.

“The rise in volume and sophistication of cyberattacks in the legal sector and the accompanying threat to business operations is of increasing concern,” the guide says.

“Successful cyber-attacks are now happening with increasing frequency and as the legal industry adapts to a changing environment, so too do cybercriminals.”

“Lawcover sees the significant reputational and economic impact that a cyber incident has on law practices. The evolving cyber security landscape means that this is an area of risk that is sometimes difficult to navigate.”

The guide outlines simple measures that can be taken to help reduce risk, protect practices, and prevent a cyber related breach, including to phone and verify emailed bank account details.

In the event of a cyber incident a law practice should call 1800 BREACH (1800 273 224) to receive immediate cyber crisis support.