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If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that lawyers are resilient and have found ways to thrive. Throughout this period, many have adopted ways of working they never thought would come into play.

As NSW reopens, lawyers may consider returning to in-person processes. It’s only natural when the legal industry is a people profession, and many day-to-day tasks are considered more compliant when completed in-person. But given everything we have learned and implemented, is it worth going back to traditional practices? Here are two ways your firm can maintain a unique edge with the combination of pre and post COVID ways of doing business.

1.       Complete tasks in person, with technology support

While you and your clients may have been working remotely, you are likely now considering returning to face-to-face practice. But technology doesn’t have to go out the window. Smart technology can be utilised to support the way you do business rather than replace the tasks you complete. When it comes to verifying identity, you don’t need to choose between convenience and compliance. InfoTrack has partnered with PharmacyID, an agent identity verification solution accessible via InfoTrackID. PharmacyID allows you to tick the box of face-to-face compliance without your client needing to come to you. With a network of over 2500 pharmacies across Australia, your client can visit their closest pharmacy where a face-to-face identification can be completed whilst the smart technology inside InfoTrackID completes the verification process to ensure the documents provided are legitimate. This process means your client is identified in-person, while technology verifies them.

2.       Build trust and keep up with client demand

Even before the pandemic, client demand was 24/7 and now, with remote work blurring the lines between home and office, boundaries can be even more challenging. How do you lean into this to build client relationships, whilst maintaining healthy balance? Find technology solutions that make yours and your client’s life easier.

Identity verification is an important task, but it can be administration-heavy for both you and your client. One way to simplify this is to lean on a solution like PharmacyID. By using PharmacyID, you don’t need to book a meeting with your client. They can combine their verification of identity task with their next trip to the pharmacy. This convenient method helps you keep up with client demand. In many communities, the pharmacist holds a position of trust and by leaning on a reputable source, this in turn boosts your client’s trust of you.

By including technology in your people and process considerations, you don’t have to choose between remote or in-person work. By viewing technology as a support — rather than replacement — to your needs, you can complete your matters quickly and with ease. PharmacyID allows you to verify your client’s identity in a compliant manner whilst giving you confidence in the outcome and appealing to your client’s desire for convenience. Get started with InfoTrack’s cloud-based products to ensure your firm remains productive and efficient.

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