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Key decisions

  • Parsons and Anor & Masson [2018] FamCAFC 115
  • Silva & Phoenix [2018] FamCAFC 41
  • Elei & Dodt [2018] FamCAFC 92
  • Frederick [2018] FCCA 1694


Birth mother and partner win appeal against declaration that sperm donor was a parent of their eldest child

In Parsons and Anor & Masson [2018] FamCAFC 115 (28 June 2018) a birth mother (‘Susan’), while living with her partner ‘Margaret’, had two children ‘B’ (10) and ‘C’ (9) conceived by artificial insemination, for which sperm had been donated by the respondent (‘Robert’) for B and by an unknown donor for C. Robert sees the children (they call him ‘Daddy’) and was registered as a parent on B’s birth certificate while Margaret is on C’s birth certificate. Section 60H of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (‘FLA’) deems Margaret to be C’s parent (at [3]).

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