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Key decisions

  • Conlon [2019] FCCA 2195
  • Tailor [2019] FamCA 383
  • Blevins [2019] FCCA 1923 
  • Falcken & Weule [2019] FamCAFC 140


Mother’s unilateral relocation – review of registrar’s refusal to exempt father’s filing of family dispute resolution certificate 

In Conlon [2019] FCCA 2195 (13 August 2019) the mother unilaterally relocated with the parties’ five month old baby to live with her parents in a town 2.5 hours’ drive away. 

After a police incident at the home the mother had left but returned and the parties attended counselling. After counselling the father went to Sydney for the weekend, but came home to find that the mother had left with the child. The parties arranged a meeting for father and child at a mid-way town but the father applied for an urgent recovery order, seeking an injunction for the return of the mother and child and an order that he spend time three times per week with the child or an order that the child live with him if the mother did not return.

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