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  • Email scams are targeting law practices.
  • Warn clients about email scams targeting funds transfers.
  • Educate everyone in your law practice about potential risks associated with email.

Email is now an indispensable tool of professional life. It is fast, convenient and inexpensive – but  unfortunately not always secure or reliable. While many law practices have in place security gateways to detect and block malicious emails, IT programs can’t prevent all risks. While technology solutions are important, how do we factor in the ‘human’ component of professional risk – that is, the way the human who receives an email interprets the messages contained in it?

Adopting a less trusting and more critical mindset

Lawcover has recently noticed a spike in notifications from law practices reporting email-enabled impersonation fraud or serious damage as a result of ransomware or other malicious software that has been delivered by email. Some examples are below.

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