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Key decisions

  • Dawson v Dawson [2019] NSWSC 826
  • Moodie v The Public Trustee of Queensland [2019] QSC 181
  • Re Hutchinson [2019] VSC 495
  • Re Pittas [2019] VSC 380
  • Comninos v Buckley; The Estate of Comninos [2019] NSWSC 968
  • Smilevska v Smilevska (No. 5) [2019] NSWSC 986

Additional content – only available on LSJ Online

  • Will of Margaret Szadovszky, deceased [2019] VSC 85

Update on Blue Mountains Law Society succession workshop and conference 2019

This year’s workshop starts with a film of a will interview. The workshop covers a range of aspects of will drafting, including will construction, superannuation and the challenges with blended families. The conference includes an examination of mental capacity from the medical (Dr Hayley Bennett) and legal (Justice Lindsay) perspectives. The panel discussion of topical issues features Justices Brereton and Lindsay, retired Justice Gray, as well as Natalie Darcy, Christine Smyth and Peter Whitehead. The Sir Anthony Mason oration will be delivered by Chief Justice Bathurst.

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